Saturday, January 2, 2010

I am bored

You will never hear me say this again (at least until summer). I decided on this last Saturday of the Christmas break I would do nothing. I got up and straightened up the house, hopped on the wii fit and babysat Lena's babies. We watched a movie on the Disney channel. I got into my pajamas (at about 2!). I took a nap, we watched more movies and turned on the Christmas tree lights. Yes, it's not down yet. It won't be for a while, the Christmas tree will get me through the blah of early January.

Anyways, I usually start feeling down when I do nothing, but today I'm not. I admit that I have watched youtube more than done anything else today, and I am proud of it. :) These next few months will be stressful and busy. I needed today. Now, can anyone recommend a housecleaner?

One of the many videos I enjoyed today:

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